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The New Scope For Business Process Outsourcing Services

The New Scope For Business Process Outsourcing Services

Submitted by • May 9, 2019

The technology advancement is changing the world rapidly. The Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning(MI) & robotics are one of the technologies that change the world. Siri, Alexa & Google Assistant are changing day to day life of everyone. Also, we have seen companies are using AI & MI to increase their efficiency. The manufacturing industry is using robotics to automate all the manufacturing process. According to data, more than 59% manufactures are using some sorts of robotics technology.

Days are gone when outsourcing business operations like back office, inbound & outbound calls, software, AP & AR, etc were just new trends. Now they have become the necessity of business. All businesses want to focus only on their core business & for other operations, they prefer to outsource. For example, Apple only focuses on developing new technology and outsource their manufacturing to China.

Business process outsourcing(BPO) as we know it today originated during the 90s era. Larg

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