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Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital kidney transplant is an approved hospital for renal transplantation by the Government of Maharashtra. The patients are kept with utmost care and compassion at the... Read More

The kidneys are two brownish-red bean-shaped, fist-sized organs that can be tracked down at the bottom of our rib cage, one on both sides of the spinal cord. Dr. Sujit... Read More

According to Hiranandani hospital kidney Transplant, Patients with chronic kidney failure or end-stage kidney disease may be advised kidney transplant as a treatment option. Without long-term dialysis, the disease would... Read More

Chronic kidney disease is characterized by a gradual and cumulative loss of kidney function over many years. This disease frequently goes unnoticed and undiagnosed until the condition has progressed significantly.... Read More

Hiranandani Hospital kidney is a renowned transplant center situated in Powai, Mumbai. The experience and knowledge of Dr. LH Hiranandani are behind this brilliant project. The hospital has an expert... Read More

In Powai, Mumbai, there is a multi-specialty medical facility called the Dr. LH. Hiranandani Hospital kidney. The experience and knowledge of Dr. L. H. Hiranandani are behind this brilliant project. ... Read More

Kidney diseases are something that everyone needs to be aware of since chronic kidney diseases are a big reason for the death of a big fraction of the population in... Read More