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Law Garden is a public garden in Ahmedabad in the west Indian state of Gujarat. The garden was named Law Garden as it became known for its close proximity to... Read More

Kalindi Kunj is a public garden and park located in the capital city of Delhi in India. Kalindi Kunj garden and park is situated on the banks of River Yamuna,... Read More

The Hanging Gardens in Mumbai serves as a sprawling green belt, a city which is otherwise a cement forest with a scarcity of green places, parks, and gardens in abundance.... Read More

Brindavan Garden is a garden located near Mysuru (Mysore) city in the Mandya District of the south Indian State of Karnataka. Brindavan Garden in Mysore dates back to 1927 AD.... Read More

Yarada beach is one of the popular beaches offering a serene and romantic ambiance and enjoyment to those who look forward to spending some time in solace in nature’s lap.... Read More

Marina Beach is a refreshing tourist spot of Chennai that is visited by numerous travelers from across the globe and is the longest natural beach of India with a width... Read More

Paradise Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka is the final beach in the Gokarna town and an amazing place to relax, far-flung from the civilization and in the lap of nature. Paradise... Read More

Alibag Beach is a long expanse of black sand meeting the crashing waves of the crystal blue Arabian Sea. This is the main beach of the town and hence, is... Read More

Auroville Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches with its crystal blue waters and golden sands and is an ideal location for weekend getaways with stunning views of the... Read More

Chor Bazaar is a large flea market located in Mumbai city in the west Indian state of Maharashtra. The word chor means thief (in Marathi and Hindi languages, which are... Read More