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In this FCP X course we will teach how to work basic editing functions while becoming familiar with Final Cut Pro X user interface. In this program you will learn marking clips, using insert, overwrite and drag-and-drop... Read More

Autodesk 3Ds Max course provides a perfect beginning for all users of the 3Ds Max and 3Ds Max Design applications from all backgrounds. This course is suitable for those who... Read More

Apple Motion Course | Post Production Institute

In our Apple Motion course we go through a typical series of steps in designing with Motion, including the use of particle dynamics, behaviors, filters and effects, audio, text, and... Read More

Autodesk Autocad Master Course | Post Production Institute

In this course you will learn various basic and advanced concepts, from creating easy drawings to modifying complex 2D and 3D objects. In Autodesk AutoCAD course, students will learn the features, rules, and techniques for creating, editing,... Read More

Adobe Photoshop Courses | Post Production Institute

If you want to work in any type of designing then Adobe Photoshop is absolutely necessary software which is required in every field. With our Adobe Photoshop course you learn... Read More

Post Production Master Plus Course is a diploma course for the ones who aspire to explore different carreet options in Television, Movies, Gaming, Graphics. There are 2 semester in this... Read More

Final Cut Studio Master Course | Post Production Institute

Final Cut Studio software is used for professional audio, video, and compositing throughout the world for Mac OS X. In this FCS course you'll learn Principles of Editing, Concept of... Read More

Multimedia Master Plus is all in one course where students get to learn technologies from different industries such as digital multimedia, graphics, 2d and 3d animation, video editing, architecture &... Read More

Acquire best skills for creating interior visuals by learning 3D software in Architect Interior Premium Course which focuses on important concepts like architectural modeling, interior modeling and 3d walk-through with... Read More

The Post Production course provides a vast understanding of the imaginative and technical side of editing where students learn non-linear editing techniques,including engineering, media management, and digital video effects all... Read More