Basmati Rice Manufacturers in Punjab

According to their manufacturers, Punjab is a major producer of basmati rice in the world and some of the finest quality basmati rice are manufactured here. Punjab is also called as ‘Granary of India’ and has suitable conditions for producing Basmati rice which is long and aromatic in terms of grains, as well as in terms of flavors used for producing food products.

Food producers employ better and older methods in farming to enhance the purity and authenticity of the Basmati rice that is produced in this region. They follow an established quality control process from the field to the mill and during the package process for quality and compliance to domestic and export specifications.

Basmati rice is highly valued in the markets worldwide because of its properties and quality which often originates from the Punjab Province of the country. In this region rice manufacturers are engaged in collaboration with the farmers to promote the right cultivation process to improve the yield and to cement punjab’s position in the basmati rice production across the globe.