Best Renewable Energy Stocks in India

K.P. Energy Ltd
K.P. Energy Limited is an Indian energy company specializing in wind farm development, wind power projects, and related services. Its segments include Infrastructure Development, Sale of Power, and Operation & Maintenance Services. The company engages in siting wind farms, EPCC of wind project infrastructure, and operation and maintenance of utility-scale wind farms in India.

KPI Green Energy Ltd
KPI Green Energy Limited, based in India, specializes in solar power generation. Operating under the brand Solarism, it develops, owns, and maintains solar power plants as Independent Power Producer (IPP) and Captive Power Producer (CPP). It sells generated power units and provides operation and maintenance services, with plants located in Gujarat.

SJVN Limited, based in India, primarily generates electricity through hydro, wind, and solar power. It also offers consultancy and transmission services. The company has diversified into wind and solar power generation, with projects in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Additionally, it operates three solar projects with a total capacity of around 81.3 MW.

Top Renewable Energy Companies With 1 Month Return
Adani Green Energy Ltd
Adani Green Energy Ltd, an Indian holding company, specializes in renewable energy generation and operations. With numerous solar and wind projects across various states in India, it sells power through long-term agreements and merchant basis.

Gita Renewable Energy Ltd
Gita Renewable Energy Ltd is an Indian company that operates in the renewable energy sector. The company is engaged in developing and operating renewable energy projects, particularly in the field of solar and wind energy.

BF Utilities Ltd
BF Utilities Ltd, an Indian holding company, focuses on electricity generation through windmills and infrastructure. Its windmill segment houses numerous wind energy generators, while its infrastructure arm manages projects like a bypass road and a tolled expressway connecting cities.