A biomarker conjointly known as biological marker could be a factor, molecule or characteristic by that biological state of the body is measured so as to assess and predict a specific illness or another state of a private. It helps clinicians in illness identification and effectively set up treatment method. Biomarkers are extensively applied for designation and clinical deciding in numerous medical specialties together with cancer, diabetes, vas and medicine diseases. due to its ability to diagnose diseases at Associate in Nursing early stage, biomarkers are extensively employed in the cancer designation and treatment. the world marketplace for biomarker discovery technologies has been segmental into omics technology (proteomics, genetics and transcriptomic), imaging technology and bioinformatics. Omics technology represents the most important phase of the biomarker discovery technologies market. In terms of application, the market has been segmental into drug discovery, medical specialty and customized medication. The market may be segmental similar to medical specialty, diabetes, cardiology, neurology and others, in terms of illness application.

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