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Both The Puritans And William Penn Viewed Their Colonies As

Submitted by • November 1, 2018

Reading Homework 3, Unit 1(one paragraph or short answer for each question)
1. Both the Puritans and William Penn viewed their colonies as "holy experiments." How did they differ?

2. The textbook states "Prejudice by itself did not create American slavery." Examine the economic forces, events, and laws that shaped the experiences of enslaved people.

3. How did English leaders understand the place and role of the American colonies in England's empire?

4. How did King Philip's War, Bacon's Rebellion, and the Salem witch trials illustrate a widespread crisis in British North America in the late seventeenth century?

5. The social structure of the eighteenth-century colonies was growing more open for some but not for others. Consider the statement with respect to: men and women; whites and blacks; and rich and poor.

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