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Company Registration in minimal cost

Company Registration in minimal cost

Submitted by • June 12, 2020

There are five main types of companies you can register in India.

Business structures in India :


The easiest form of company registration is Sole proprietorship in India. A person manages a sole proprietorship, that is, a sole proprietor. If you are looking at complete control of your business, then this option works ideal.

Key Benefits of Sole Proprietorship :

· No official registration is required
· No compliance to complete
· No government regulatory paperwork
· All profits earned are yours
· You do not need double taxation
· Give income tax returns only on your income

How to register a sole proprietorship company?

Before registering , you have to keep the following documents:
· Aadhar Card
· Pan Card
· Bank account
· Registered office will proof (rental agreement or utility bill)
Once you have it, you can contact any chartered accountant for registration certificate and you c

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