Container terminals using OCR gate systems

As traffic volumes in the world's maritime and intermodal facilities grow, the entrance and exit gate operations at a terminal have long been a bottleneck of congestion. This congestion, as well as the expenditures of employees to deal with it, has prompted the widespread use of OCR Gate technology at the gate regions. Optical character recognition (OCR), identification, and inspection of containerized freight and equipment entering and departing the terminal through over-the-road vehicles are all handled by the Gate OCR Portal System.
The image-capturing sub-system has a significant impact on the performance of an OCR engine. Under all operational and environmental circumstances, the image-capturing equipment must feature an optical and illumination solution to capture photographs of the container ID number with adequate quality (focus, resolution, contrast, and uniformity) (sunlight, sun glare, night time, adverse weather conditions and dirt-covered numbers).
In the most extreme weather circumstances, the solution leverages an open, modular, and network-enabled design to guarantee unprecedented precision and 24/7 uptime. Because it relies on solid-state lighting, the OCR Gate solutions system uses very little power to run and is hence significantly more dependable. When ISO containers are delivered via the truck via a protected entry point, the OCR Gate Portal System allows users to automatically identify them. A truck license plate browser is also included in the system, which still takes photographs and videos to limit damage and may optionally identify risky cargo. Suraj Informatics Gate OCR Portal Service is a low-cost and time-saving solution.

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