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Difference Between – Angularjs Vs Node Js

Difference Between – Angularjs Vs Node Js

Submitted by • December 3, 2018

Unlike others, Angular JS and Node.js uses a technique such as AJAX, DHTML, DOM scripting and can be used interchangeably. These JavaScript are very different from each other and can be used anyone for the web application requirement and for business needs.
If it had to choose anyone from both, which one shall be more appropriate one? We will discuss such differences in this article.

Angular JS and Node.js
We’ll have a look at these Angular JS vs Node.js features, Pros & Cons as well. And the business scenarios that can work upon efficiently for the passionate developers.
Angular JS

It is an open source web application framework that is maintained and working in co-junction with the Google developers. It helps users to add dynamic views in their web application in a section known as Model-View-Whatever (MVW) architecture with components help to gain the appropriate position of a preferred framework for the interactive web applications and data-driven applications.
It works similar t

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