Different Types of 100 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

100t overhead bridge crane typically falls in double-girder top running configuration to carry heavy loads. According to the type of load being lifted, there are different types of 100 ton overhead cranes for you to choose from, including:

AQ-QD hook double girder crane
The AQ-QD type overhead crane can be utilized at a range of capacity usually going up to 450 tons. It is the most common form of double girder crane system adapted to general lifting applications. The double girder overhead crane with hook is commonly found in heavy machine shops, warehousing, fabricating plants, scrap yards and so on.

European standard double girder overhead crane
European standard overhead crane can be regarded as an advanced crane since it is designed in line with FEM standard. This form of overhead crane features compact structure, light dead weight, small wheel pressure and delicate appearance.

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