Different crops have different needs and according to that various types of biofertilizers are made according to the demand and deficiency. At IPL Biologicals you will get all types of biofertilizer products at an affordable price.
Some of the types of biofertilizer products are:
Nitrogen-fixing bacteria: This type of bacterial biofertilizer increases the soil nitrogen level in the soil and makes it available to the plants
Phosphate biofertilizers: These types of biofertilizer solubilize the insoluble phosphate from organic and inorganic phosphate sources and releases insoluble phosphorus in the soil.
Cyanobacteria: These are also known as blue-green algae that fix nitrogen in the plant by tapping the sun's energy that is captured during photosynthesis.
Azolla: In association with blue-green algae it fixes atmospheric nitrogen mainly in rice. It is a free-floating water fern that is majorly used as a biofertilizer for the production of rice.

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