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Excelsior ECO 508 – The author contends the company will save

Submitted by • January 17, 2019

The author contends the company will save $25.4 million. I get them losing $211.03 million. What am I doing wrong? Analyze tradeoffs of obtaining inputs through spot exchange, contracts, and vertical integration, and assess whether transactions costs or other considerations are important to consider. Evaluate circumstances in which economies of scale or scope, or other characteristics of production covered in Chapters 5 and 6, may justify an increase in moving costs of $290 million spread over the next five years. Your retirement analyst reports that your firm will obtain a decrease in pension liabilities of $441 million dollars spread in equal increments over the next ten years if you accept an increase in current wages of $372 million dollars spread over the next eight years. Apply present value analysis to assess how the level of the interest rate affects a decision to accept this set of concessions

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