The mp3 and mp4 player that accompanies your Android gadget might be simple but it can play a particular number of formats and furthermore comes up short on highlights like Resume Viewing and you couldn't actually get incredible quality sound and visuals while playing videos. Nowadays, there are a lot of media players that can uphold various media designs. The key here is to pick the one which is easy to understand. Fortunately, there are bunches of free video music app for Android to improve your viewing experience.

Rocks Player
Rocks Player is the ultra HD video and audio player which is quick and simple to utilize. It is design to support different video formats like MKV, MPEG, MP4, 4K, and 8K. So, you can easily play HD and ultra HD recordings on your gadget. There are unique elements of Rocks Player. You can easily play music in Rocks Video Player.

It is another incredible video and music player but it is mainly founded on music. It likewise has a desktop variant to appreciate video and music and sync your data from phone to PC.

MiXplorer Silver
This is really a document program with inbuilt media highlights. This player is one of its sorts and you can undoubtedly play media easily.

ASD Music and Video Player
ASD Music and Video Player is the new standard with regards to media abilities. It is capable of supporting several utilized audio and video formats.

VLC for Android
It is one of the most broadly involved media players for Android. You might actually get to DVD ISO documents utilizing this application.

It is an incredible media player for Android however everything media records don't play all alone with this application.