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Gardening services are often seasonal, so the demand for them is typically seasonal. The types of services they offer, the cost, and how to hire one are all described in this article. Before you choose a service, it's important to know where the market is lacking. No one offers a service that can take care of basic garden maintenance for elderly domestic customers, for example, so there's a gap in the market that you can fill to get customers away from your competitors.

There is high demand for gardening services throughout the year, but it is important to keep in mind that this industry is largely seasonal. Demand peaks during the spring and summer seasons when people are looking to plant their flowers and lawns. The winter season will see a decline in demand as gardeners are forced to dig over and clear the garden, allowing for less work. A gardening service that sells firewood might also be less busy during this time.

Many people who hire gardening services are elderly or live in hilly areas. However, demand for these services is becoming increasingly diverse. The types of customers seeking such services range from professionals to retired individuals. Different types of property will also require different levels of service, so consider the overall condition of your garden before deciding on a specific price range. In addition to residential customers, a wide range of businesses and property agents may also need gardening services.

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