How Tillers Play a Diverse Role in the Construction of Landscape Gardens

There are, as can be seen, a variety of different applications for tillers in the landscape, and these applications vary depending on the type of tiller that the user owns. You don't have to limit tilling gardens to a single time of year or a single objective; if your tiller has multiple functions and the appropriate accessories, you can use it all throughout the year. This is especially true if your tiller has the ability to dig deep into the soil.

In this blog post, we discussed the many uses for tillers in landscaping. The first is for aerating and loosening the soil as tillers have rotating tines. The second use of tillers is for mulching. Tillers are great for this because they are able to mix the mulch in with the soil very easily. And the third use of tillers is to mix or blend the soil.

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