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Maha Shivratri – A Special Night of Lord Shiva to Keep Off Ignorance & Gain Knowledge & Power
Maha Shivaratri is just not another festival, it’s a cosmic definition of how to protect the universe. It makes one aware of the universe, heralds the spring after the cold and dry winter, drives out ignorance, emits the light of knowledge and invokes the auspicious powers of Lord Shiva. An all night vigil, fast and worship on the day give the equivalent or more benefit of performing the Ashwamedha yagya, a ritual carried out by kings of yore to ascertain their supremacy. It is said that if 100 such Ashwamedha yagyas are performed, then one becomes kings of kings. Vedicfolks is performing the Laghu Rudra Homam to eleven forms of Rudra along with Rudrabishekam to receive the powerful blessings of the lord who gets pleased very easily on the day.

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