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Media Futures and New Technologies

Submitted by • January 15, 2019

Media Futures and New Technologies
Informed an analysis of Photography and Digital Image Industry. how it is likely to shape the future of that industry or trend by examining issues such as industry structure, forms of media production and the types of social and cultural experiences generated.

The research should be presented as a formal report, comprising a summary of the major issues; an introduction, main body of the report with discussion of the key issues that are broken into sections, a conclusion and a bibliography. (already divided in parts in the attached docs and there's an outline please refer to table content)
use Chicago as citations.
And also, I already write half of the report please just do continue it.
Please add another source to be 10 sources in total

Please relate current technological change (trend) to future economic, social, and cultural changes. Discuss the significance of new media technologies for particular institutions (e.g. policies, business models/stra

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