Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 2021-2031 by Roots Analysis

Currently, more than 60 drugs are marketed / under development for PCOS
More than 80% of the drugs in the market are designed for symptomatic treatment of PCOS whilst a few drugs are being evaluated for curing this clinical condition. Among various types of drugs available, hormonal contraceptives and insulin sensitizing agents are used for the first line treatment. Popular hormonal contraceptives include Beyaz®, Clomid®, Diane 35® and Yasmin®.

More than 40 industry and non-industry players are engaged in the development of drugs for PCOS
Majority of the industry players (70%) are very large firms (having more than 500 employees). North America is the current hub, where close to 45% players are based. This is followed by Europe (28%), Asia-Pacific (9%), and Middle East and North Africa (7%).

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