QuickBooks program uses chart of accounts to organize your all accounting. Chart of Accounts is a list of all company accounts and balances. Use of chart of accounts to categorize your every transactions on everything from sales forms to reports to tax forms. Four types of chat of accounts Assets, Liabilities, Income, and Expenses. Here's you learn how to Import your Chart of Accounts to QuickBooks Online.

▶ First, Format your spreadsheet
▶ Then you need to Upload your spreadsheet
▶ Map your spreadsheet fields to QuickBooks fields
▶ Final, Import your chart of accounts
√ Log into QuickBooks Online account
√ Goto gear icon then click on Import Data
√ Select Chart of Accounts
√ Note: (File must be .csv or Excel file format)
√ Choose File, then Open it and then Continue
√ You may Choose type, Choose detail type, or both
√ Click on Import Chart of Accounts option
√ Click on import option

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