Rahu Mahadasha – Result and Effect of Rahu Dasha

Rahu is a notorious planet known to almost all laymen as a harbinger of lunar and solar eclipses. Rahu is a born malefic with no allotted house in the zodiac. Problems due to Rahu's mahardasha can be of diverse types. You may have to face health hazards and expulsion from your job, with your personal life going topsy turvy. Malefic effects of Rahu Mahadasha are multifarious. Rahu benefits during his mahadasha to a large extent. The exaltation points for Rahu are Gemini and Taurus. Mahardasha of exalted Rahu surprises you with wealth, wisdom, an admirable social standing, unexpected gains, soaring confidence levels, spiritual experiences, international travel, to name a few.

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