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Turn A Gundam Designs Could Be Worse

Turn A Gundam Designs Could Be Worse

Submitted by • September 29, 2020

I don’t want to be hard on the Turn A Gundam series (or ∀ Gundam). After all, they are no Seed Destiny and it is far better than G Reco. I have to admit that the suits are a bit, well, unique to be fair. Sure, other Gundam timelines had unusual suits to boast. Just look at the unconventional Mechas of Gundam 00. And the mechanical designs of Iron Blooded Orphans don’t look like anything that came before them. Nevertheless, they are still likeable. The suits of the Turn A Gundam need some getting used to and fans complain that it’s too ugly to be likeable. I kind of agree with them though. The head of the Turn A lead suit looks like an upturned Gundam face. And this is the first time I saw a mustache on a mecha.

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