Types of Animals – Class 3 Notes & Olympiad Questions

Animals, nature's storytellers, come in a remarkable array of shapes, sizes, and adaptations, each with its own unique role in the intricate tapestry of life.
Animals are living creatures that can be found all around us. They come in different shapes, and sizes, and have various ways of living. They have different characteristics and can be divided into various categories on the basis of their habitats, eating habits body structure and behaviour.

Mammals are warm-blooded animals that have fur or hair covering their bodies. They are unique because they give birth to live babies and feed them with milk from their mothers

Birds are known for their feathers, beaks, and the fact that they lay eggs. They are fantastic fliers, thanks to their wings.

Amphibians are incredible creatures that start their lives in water as tadpoles with gills for breathing.

Insects are tiny wonders with six legs, often sporting wings for flying.

Worms are usually long and like to live in the ground. Earthworms are especially helpful because they make the soil healthy by digging tunnels and breaking down old leaves and plants.