Corporate brochure printing is used to promote the services and other related information of the company. Exquisite corporate brochures can leave a deep and good impression on customers. For the brochure printing, taking into account the size of the company's brochures, different materials are selected. If the content of the brochures is not much, you can choose a thicker paper to express the image of the company. The cover of the corporate brochures can also be embossed, which can make readers feel better in their hands. Or the printing of corporate promotional brochures can be combined with some packaging techniques to make the company's brochures more connotative and distinctive.
1. Bleeding line.
2. Twist.
3. Printing color difference.
4, the use of color blocks.
5. Printing background color.
6. Document format.
7. Wireframe thickness.
8. Frame precise cropping.
9. Don't leave a trim line.
10. The picture is too large.
The printing of corporate publicity brochures is a kind of expression with pictures and texts. Compared with a single text or a picture brochures, the picture brochures has an extremely unique advantage. Because the picture book is eye-catching enough, it can be understood at a glance, because it has relatively concise text descriptions.