What is the cost of studying MBBS in Russia?

Unlike India, medical universities does not cost high tuition fee as it is subsidized till extend of 70% by the government. Apart from the subsidized tuition fee, the living cost in Russia is quit lower than any other European country. The living cost remains the equal as in India as the exchange rate of Russian Ruble and Indian Rupees are quit equal. The cost of studying MBBS in Russia is affordable for India students from any economic background and can be said that lower than the other countries including India.
Is MBBS in Russia Valid in India?
Yes, MBBS in Russia is entirely valid in India just make sure that the chosen university Is approved by the NMC. Actually it is not only valid but also respected and reputed in India and have vast future opportunities for the students graduated from there.
How can I apply for MB BS in Russia?
If you want to study MBBS in Russia and apply at top medical university of Russia then it is suggested to get in touch with the MBBS abroad expert or MBBS abroad Counselor.

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