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Can’t Hobble The Elephant by Francis

Can’t Hobble the Elephant is about Josh O’Donnell’s story during the Civil War, where he is on the run from the Union army, the very army in which he served... Read More

Jocelyne Ranucci saved her own life. Through a spiritual journey begun following painful life lessons and abusive relationships, she discovers her true power: to transform, transcend, and create a perfect... Read More

There are a lot of problems facing the self-published author. Chief among this is the difficulty of marketing a book in this ultra-saturated industry. Books can be sold and published... Read More

The world is getting younger; the Unity retires everyone at forty—just before they disappear. The world is getting older; in the hardscrabble outlands, everyone expects to work hard for most of... Read More

Did you know that scientific research shows that the human-animal bonding relationship between humans and animals helps them live happier, healthier lives?Humans and animals have always shared a very special... Read More

A narcissist has a sense of entitlement, an outsized need to be admired, and persistent thoughts about being more remarkable than others, whether that means being more lovable or... Read More

There are many engaging interactive activities that you can participate in with your child during the early years of childhood in order to help them learn, understand and use language.... Read More

Self-aware people can realistically assess their strengths and weaknesses, maintaining the desire to explore different aspects of themselves and grow. Her book entitled Nobody is Somebody tells the story of... Read More

Developing a more outstanding personal Agency can help you make important life decisions and feel less stuck, overwhelmed, and lost. Humans are aware of a tiny fraction of the thinking in... Read More

From Jojo Moye’s The Last Letter from Your Lover” to Nicolas Sparks’ The Notebook, romance novels fill one’s heart, ignite one’s passions, and help one consider love’s nature in a... Read More