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Summer Internship Program at JIMS Rohini

Explore Real-World Experience with JIMS Rohini's PGDM Internships JIMS Rohini offers NBA-accredited PGDM programs with summer internships that blend academic learning with practical industry exposure. Gain hands-on experience, mentorship, and... Read More

Discover the Top-Rated PGDM Program at JIMS Rohini

JIMS Rohini offers an esteemed PGDM program, accredited by AICTE and NBA, with MBA equivalence from AIU. The curriculum focuses on enhancing managerial and leadership skills through practical exposure and... Read More

Understanding the CAT Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

Discover the structure and scoring system of the CAT exam, essential for MBA aspirants. Learn about the three sections—Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative... Read More

Get Ready for CAT Management Exam with JIMS Rohini

Explore JIMS Rohini's comprehensive guide for the CAT management exam, designed to help you excel. Gain insights into exam patterns, preparation tips, and effective strategies to achieve high scores. With... Read More

Explore PGDM at JIMS Rohini, Discover the PGDM program at JIMS Rohini

Discover the PGDM program at JIMS Rohini, a premier management college in Delhi. Accredited by AICTE and NBA, and recognized by AIU, JIMS offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip... Read More

Discover JIMS Rohini – A Premier Institute for Higher Education

Explore their top-notch programs in management, information technology, journalism, and design. Renowned for its excellent faculty, modern infrastructure, and industry connections, JIMS Rohini offers a vibrant learning environment. Learn more... Read More

Explore the B.A.(Hons.) (Economics) Program

Discover the comprehensive B.A.(Hons.) (Economics) program at JIMS Rohini. This program provides a robust curriculum designed to build a strong foundation in economic theory, quantitative methods, and applied economics. With... Read More

Discover Placement Opportunities for B.A.(Hons.)(Economics) Graduates

Explore the placement opportunities offered by the B.A.(Hons.)(Economics) program at JIMS Rohini. This program boasts a strong placement record, with graduates finding positions in top companies across various sectors. The... Read More

Discover the Structure of the B.A.(Hons.) (Economics) Program

Learn about the structure of the B.A.(Hons.) (Economics) program at JIMS Rohini. This comprehensive course is designed to provide a deep understanding of economic theories, quantitative methods, and their applications.... Read More

Learn About the BBA Program at JIMS Rohini

Explore the comprehensive Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at JIMS Rohini. This program offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for successful careers in business.... Read More